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Guam Community College 2016-2017 Catalog 
Guam Community College 2016-2017 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees1

Resident Student - $130.00 per credit hour

A “Resident Student” is a student whose permanent home is on Guam and pays Guam income taxes or is claimed as a dependent by someone who pays Guam income taxes. Active duty military personnel and their dependents, as well as qualified veterans and eligible dependents are classified as “Resident Students”.

Nonresident Student - $155.00 per credit hour

A “Nonresident” is a student whose permanent home is away from Guam and does not pay Guam income taxes.

International Student - $180.00 per credit hour

An “International Student” is a non-citizen that holds a non-immigrant visa, e.g., B, C, D, F, H, J, L or M visa.

All students will be classified as resident, nonresident or International student for tuition purposes when they register for classes. When the College is unsure of a student’s residency classification, the College will assess the higher tuition rate. The burden of showing that the residence classification should be changed is on the student.

The Residence Classification Policy and Procedures of the College are available for inspection at the Admissions & Registration Office.

The College reserves the right to periodically adjust tuition, but will conduct public hearings in compliance with the Administrative Adjudication Act.


The following fees are charged each semester:

  Registration Fee $22.00  
  Student Identification Card 7.00  

All students are required to have a Student Identification Card except for students enrolled exclusively in short-term courses and special offerings.

  Library Fee 15.00  

The Library fee is considered to be a special fee for tuition and fee refund purposes. 

  Technology Fee 73.00  

 Of this amount, $36.50 will cover costs of current operations and the remaining $36.50 will be set aside in a special fund to systematically upgrade computer labs, software and other technology-related student services.

  Student Activity Fee 15.00  

Funds are used to support student activities organized under the purview of the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) Office.

  Student Health Fee 15.00  

Students may receive PPD, MMR vaccinations, and emergency care services at the Student Health Center free of charge. Students failing to appear to have test results read and who are required to repeat a test will have to pay a second student health fee.

  Total Fee 147.00  

Laboratory Fees

Some courses offered by the College involve the consumption of materials and supplies by each student enrolled in them; lab fees are charged for these classes. Lab fees are listed in the Schedule of Classes each semester.

Educational Records

Copies of a student’s educational records made pursuant to the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 will be made at a cost of $1.00 per page.

Audit Fees

Audit fees are the same as those for regular credit classes.

Late Fee

The College will charge a non-refundable late fee of $37.00 to be assessed for the following:

  1. Students under “Payment Plan”, or
  2. Students under financial assistance whose financial assistance does not cover 100% of student obligation by the end of the Semester.

The College will not assess a Late Fee if, a student registers only for non-credit courses, special course, or open-entry courses.

Application for Degree, Certificate or Diploma Fee

The College will charge a $15.00 application fee. Students may pick up thier diploma and one official set of transcripts at the Admissions & Registration Office  approximately three weeks after the end of the semester in which all requirements have been met. The Commencement Ceremony is held each year at the end of Spring Semester.

Diploma Re-Order Fee

The College will charge $37.00 to reorder a degree, certificate or diploma.  Please contact the Admissions & Registration Office at 735-5531 for details or questions.

Placement Test Fee

The College will charge $22.00 for the College English and Math placement tests.

Transcript Requests

Students may request copies of their academic record (transcript) at the Admissions & Registration Office in the Student Services & Administration Building. Transcripts can usually be prepared within five working days. The first copy of a student’s transcript costs $15.00. Other copies requested at the same time will cost $1.00. A same day service request of transcripts costs $30.00. No transcript will be issued by the College if the student has an outstanding financial obligation with the College. Transcripts will not be faxed or emailed.

* Subject to increase based on approved fee increase schedule

Fee Exemption

Citizens 55 years of age and older are entitled to attend classes offered in the regular schedule of classes at the College without payment of either tuition or fees. Citizens claiming exemption from tuition and fees are required to provide proof of their age at registration.

Payment Information

Payment in full of all current tuition and fees and outstanding obligations is required.  Payment may be made at the Cashier’s Office or online with the following payment methods:

Payment Methods Accepted:  Cash; Check; VISA, Master Card; and American Express.  Only VISA, Master Card, and American Express are accepted for online payments.  To make a payment online, pelase visit our website at mygcc.edu/my courses/myaccount.

Payment by Check:  Make check payable to Guam Community College or GCC.  Please include student’s name; student ID number; and contact number of check writer.

Failure to pay full tuition by required due date will result in one or more of the following actions:

  • Student will not be allowed to register and receive grades;
  • Transcripts and/or a diploma will not be processed;
  • Outstanding accounts will be referred to a collection agency.  (The student shall assume responsibility for all collection agency fees, legal fees, and court fees necessitated by default in payment.)

Tuition and Fee Refund Policy

All students are obligated to pay for registered courses unless they officially drop a course(s) before the first day of class.  Please refer to the Academic Calendar for specific dates and deadlines. If students do not officially withdraw from courses, they will be liable for the full amount of tuition and fees even if they did not attend classes. The “Regular Semester” refund policy will be applied as follows to semester long courses offered:

  • If withdrawal occurs on or before the last day of registration, 100% of the tuition, special fees and laboratory fees will be refunded.
  • After the last day of registration, no refunds will be made for semester long courses.
  • The Registration Fee, Late Fee, and Student I.D. Card Fee are non- refundable.

Full (100%) refund of tuition and all special fees and laboratory fees will be made by the College to students whose classes are cancelled by the College provided that the students do not choose to enroll in other courses requiring special fees or laboratory fees. In instances where the College cancels all of the student’s classes and the student chooses not to enroll in other classes, the College will also refund the registration fee. Refunds will be mailed to the student during the semester. All requests for refunds are initiated at the Student Services & Administration Building by dropping or withdrawing from classes on or before the due date within the current semester.

Students Called to Active Military Service

Recognizing the need to accommodate students who are asked to serve their country during wartime, the College will allow students called to active military duty, while enrolled in a given semester, to be provided a refund of tuition and fees. As an alternative to refunds, students may opt for credit against future enrollment. Students will be required to provide to the Admissions & Registration Office and the Business Office written notice of active military status and indicate whether a refund or credit is preferred.

Returned Check Policy

If a student makes a payment for tuition and fees using a check, and the check is returned, the student will be contacted by the GCC Business Office regarding the returned check. Once contacted, the student must pay the amount of the check in full by cash or cashier’s check within 48 hours of notice. Additionally, a $37 returned check fee is assessed. A $37 late fee may also be assessed. If a student fails to make payment, he or she will be disenrolled from courses and will be referred to a collection agency. Moreover, neither grades nor transcripts will be released until the full amount of the returned check plus the service charge is paid in full. This is subject to increase based on approved fee increase schedule.

Outstanding Balances

Students who have an outstanding balance at the end of a semester will not be allowed to register until the amount is paid in full. In addition, neither grades nor transcripts will be released until the past due balance is paid in full. If  a student fails to make payment by the required due date, he or she will be dropped from courses and will be referred to a collection agency.

Cost of Attendance

AY 2016-2017

The College estimates the cost of attendance as a full-time student at the College during the 2016-2017 academic year (ten months, including fall, spring and summer semesters) to be as follows:

  Tuition and Fees $4,224.00  
  Room and Board $10,500.00  
  Transportation * $1,200.00  

*Plus round-trip airfare for off-island students.

NOTE: Students whose permanent residence is not Guam should add the cost of round trip travel from their permanent residence to Guam and back again.

  Personal Expenses $2,650.00  
  Books and Supplies $1,200.00  
  Total Estimated Cost of Attendance $19,142.00  

* International students should contact the Admissions and Registration Office for more information regarding the cost of attendance.

These estimates of the cost of attendance as a full-time student are based on the following assumptions:

  • An independent student is sharing housing costs with one other student.
  • AY 2016-2017 is a ten (10) month period of class attendance.


1 Tuition & Fees above reflect increases, as outlined in Board of Trustees Resolution 5-2006, adopted on March 9, 2006, and re-adopted on March 10, 2011. Contact the Registrar if you have any questions about the fee increases.