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Guam Community College 2017-2018 Catalog 
Guam Community College 2017-2018 Catalog

Registration, Withdrawals, and Other Changes

Registration and MyGCC

MyGCC is Guam Commnity College’s web-accessible information system that brings all major functional areas such as Student, Financial Aid, Finance, and Human Resources together into a single database information system. With MyGCC, students can register and pay for classes, check grades, and communicate with peers or faculty via student email. The launching of MyGCC is another example of GCC’s commitment to preparing students for success in the classroom and at the workplace using proven and cutting-edge technology. Although students may now register online, the Admissions & Registration Office is also always available to assist students and applicants. A Schedule of Classes is published each semester and is available to students before registration.

A Schedule of Classes can be obtained at the Student Services & Administration Building or in GCC’s website, Students should plan their program of studies using the Catalog and Degree Planner available online at

A student is obligated to pay the tuition and fees for registered courses unless officially dropped on or before the payment deadline. Failure to make payment by the due date may result in a a drop from all classes. For more information, please review the Master Schedule of Classes published at

Online Registration

Registration can be performed either at the Admissions & Registration Office or online by logging into MyGCC via the College’s website, Nevertheless, all students are encouraged to seek academic advisement prior to registration in order to discuss course prerequisites, program requirements, or educational goals. Moreover, students in certain programs are required to meet with their academic advisors to obtain approval for their schedule before they register. These students include those declared in the Adult High School Diploma Program, Associate of Arts in Culinary Arts, Certificate in Practical Nursing, and the Criminal Justice Academy. All international students must clear with Admissions & Registration and obtain schedule approval from their academic advisor prior to registering. In addition, all students must clear outstanding financial obligations with the College at the Cashier’s Office, and have immunization updated pursuant to Guam public law, P.L. 22-130. Updated health records must be submitted to the GCC Health Services Center by new and returning students. Students who maintain their continuous student status, students enrolled for classes in at least one regular semester (Fall or Spring) each academic year, do not have to update their health records each academic year unless advised to do so.

Chalani 365 Registration

GCC offers full academic year registration under the Chalani 365 program, allowing students to register for three terms at once (pending term schedule release): summer-fall-spring, fall-spring-summer, or spring-summer-fall. The advantage of Chalani 365 is that students can plan out an entire academic year in advance. They do not have to wait to register for needed classes, or worry that a class they will need to graduate may be full. Students may still register for courses requiring prerequisites; however, if a student drops or does not pass the prerequisite(s), he or she will be dropped from the subsequent classes requiring the prerequisite(s). For more details about Chalani 365, log onto under Admissions.

Change of Registration

Classes officially dropped before the end of the Add/Drop period of a term will not appear on a student’s academic record. Classes withdrawn from after the end of the Add/Drop period of a term will be assigned a “W” on the academic record. Students are obligated to pay the tuition and fees for classes from which they withdraw after the Add/Drop period.

The deadline for withdrawing from a class is about six weeks prior to the end of the term, and is published in the Schedule of Classes for each term. Any student who fails to officially withdraw from a class by this deadline will be assigned any grade except “W” for the class.

Complete Withdrawal

Students who wish to withdraw completely from the College must do so by the deadline for dropping a class. Students who completely withdraw from the College must reapply for admission to the College, if they subsequently desire to re-enroll in the College.

Change of Program/Major

Declared Students enrolled at the College may change their program or major at any time during a regular semester. Request forms are available at the Admissions & Registration Office.

Change of Personal Data

Any change of personal data such as name, address, telephone number and citizenship must be submitted to the Admissions & Registration Office. Copies of supporting documents are required for change of name and citizenship. Some visa restrictions apply to foreign students.

Auditing Courses

Students wishing to audit a class must complete all admission and registration requirements and procedures, including payment in full of all tuition and fees. Students will be permitted to register on a space-available basis only after all students taking the course for credit have been registered. No credit or grade is given for a course which is audited. Students may participate in class activities only to the extent permitted by the instructor of the class. Students wishing to audit a class must indicate this status at the time of registration.

Class Attendance

Regular and prompt class attendance is expected of all students. Each student is responsible for informing instructors of his or her absences (if possible) and to make arrangements with instructors to complete work missed due to his or her absence from class.

Transfer of Credits from Postsecondary Institutions

A student who has studied at another accredited college or university is granted credit for previous work if such course work meets Guam Community College’s educational requirements or if comparable courses are included in GCC’s curriculum. Transfer credit is given for courses taken at another college or similar institution that closely correspond to those offered at GCC. When transfer credit is granted for a particular course, the requirements for the course have been successfully met (only courses with a minimum grade of C are considered for transfer), and credit is indicated on the student’s transcript. No letter grade is provided. Evaluation of transfer course work will only be completed upon receipt of the Evaluation Request Form.

  • Official transcripts are received directly from the institution where the credits were earned.
  • The course is at the postsecondary level; with GCC, this means the course is at the 100 level or above and receives undergraduate level credit.
  • Credits earned outside of GCC are equal to or greater than the credits to be received from GCC.
  • The student has earned a “C” grade or higher (or equivalent).
  • The course is not a credit awarded for life experience.

Full English translations of course descriptions as well as a course by course evaluation are required for any international student seeking to receive transfer credit. Program faculty or Department Chair will determine whether any transfer course does or does not fulfill any program requirement, except where there is clear equivalence between the transfer course and the GCC course, in which case the Registrar makes the decision. Transfer students will be advised to contact the Department Chair of their program for evaluation of any course that does not transfer as equivalent to a GCC course but which the student believes should satisfy a program requirement. A form or template will be utilized for this purpose.

The transfer evaluation provided to the student at the beginning of the student’s matriculation at GCC will be entered into the student’s permanent record unless specific errors are found (e.g. misidentifying the number of credits for a course or giving a student credit for a course more than once) or the student requests and is granted a modification by the Dean and the Academic Vice President.

 It is the student’s responsibility to have transcripts of all previous work sent to the College and to request an Evaluation of Records by the Registrar.

Advanced Placement

Students may be placed in higher-level courses or a sequence of courses on the basis of their high school achievement, training or test results. Credit may be granted for the courses bypassed but both placement and the granting of credit are at the discretion of the Registrar in consultation with the Department Chairperson, the Dean, or the Academic Vice President as necessary and appropriate.

Credit granted through advanced placement will be recorded with a “CR” (satisfactory completion) grade.

Students who wish to be considered for advanced placement must request an evaluation of their high school achievement, training or test results for this purpose.