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Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, A.A.

Program Mission

The Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences program aims to provide students with the means to engage in critical insight, reasoning, mature judgment, and independent thinking; awakens students to a sense of the importance of values, self-awareness, and responsibility; and prepares students for scholarly excellence.

Program Description

The Associate of Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences is designed to provide a broad-based interdisciplinary education to prepare students who want to pursue a four-year degree. Courses include core subjects such as English, Math, Science, Social Sciences, the Arts, and languages.

Program Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs):

Upon successful completion of the AA in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences program, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an ability to connect knowledge of human culture and the natural world to a variety of disciplines and perspectives.
  2. Demonstrate effective reasoning, problem solving, critical thinking, and creative achievement, and an inclination to life-long inquiry and the pursuit of learning.
  3. Identify and articulate the intellectual, ethical, cultural, and social qualities essential for leadership in a changing global community through awareness and respect for cultures diverse in thought, values, and beliefs.

A. General Education Requirements

Please refer to the new General Education requirements in this catalog.

Note:  Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences students must take EN 110, SI 103 & SI 103L or SI 110 & SI 110L, SO 130 or PY 120, CS 151 as part of their General Education requirements.  For the Humanities and Fine Arts requirement, one of the modern language choices must be taken (ASL 100, JA 110 or CH 110).

Minimum Total General Education Requirements - 20-21

B. Technical Requirements

Course NameTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
EC 110 - Principles of Economics (3)
EN 111 - Writing for Research (3) +
EN 125 - Introduction to Speech (3) +
EN 210 - Introduction to Literature (3) +
TH 101 - Introduction to the Theater (3)


HI 121 - History of World Civilization I (3) OR
HI 122 - History of World Civilization II (3)


HL 202 - Nutrition (3) OR
PY 100 - Personal Adjustment (3)


HU 120 - Pacific Cultures (3)
PI 101 - Introduction to Philosophy (3)


SI 103 - Introduction to Marine Biology (3) AND
SI 103L - Introduction to Marine Biology Laboratory (1)

+ OR

SI 110 - Environmental Biology (3) AND
SI 110L - Environmental Bio Lab (1)

Modern Language (total of 8 credits in the same language)

Course NameTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
ASL 110 - American Sign Language II (4)
JA 111 - Beginning Japanese II (4)
CH 111 - Chamorro II (4)

Total Technical Requirements - 35

C. Electives

The student’s advisor must approve elective courses.

Total Elective Requirements - 6

Total Credits Required - 61-62