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Culinary Arts, A.A.

Program Mission

The Associate of Arts in Culinary Arts program prepares students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes for a successful career in Culinary Arts.

Program Description

The Culinary Arts program offers an Associate of Arts Degree that supports the skills and competency standards prescribed by the American Culinary Federation Educational Institute (ACFEF). Upon successful completion of the program student is prepared to take the written and practical examination for the ACFEF Certified Culinarian certification.

Program Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs):

Upon successful completion of the AA in Culinary Arts program, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate skills in basic and advanced cookery, fundamentals of bakery and patisserie, international cuisine, and apply principles of food preparation to produce a variety of food products.
  2. Develop skills in knife, tool, and equipment handling.
  3. Demonstrate skills of a Garde Manger in creating a variety of cold food products including items appropriate for buffet presentation.
  4. Apply the basic principles of sanitation and safety and be able to apply them in the food service operations.
  5. Practice standards in behavior, grooming and dress expected of an industry professional.
  6. Apply the experience involved in service-learning activities to both personal and academic development.

A. General Education Requirements

Please refer to the General Education requirements in this catalog.

Note: Culinary Arts students must take CUL 145  to fulfill their math requirement.

Minimum Total General Education Requirements - 19

B. Technical Requirements

Course NameTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
CUL 120 - Foodservice Safety and Sanitation (2)
CUL 140 - Culinary Foundations I (4) +
CUL 160 - Culinary Foundations II (4) +
CUL 180 - Garde Manger (4) +
CUL 200 - Basic Baking I: Breads and Baking (4) +
CUL 220 - Basic Baking II: Patisserie (4) +
CUL 240 - Pacific and Asian Cuisine (4) +
CUL 280 - Culinary Capstone (4) +
CUL 293 - Culinary Practicum (3) + (400 hours total)

Total Technical Requirements - 33

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C. Related Technical Requirements

Course NameTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
HFB 215 - Purchasing and Receiving (2)
HS 140 - Menu Planning (3) +
HS 150 - Welcome to Hospitality (3)
HS 154 - Nutrition for Foodservice Professionals (3)
HS 155 - Basic Hotel & Restaurant Accounting (3)
HS 160 - Hospitality Supervision (3) +
HS 208 - Managing Service in Food and Beverage Operations (3) +
HS 222 - Planning and Control for Food & Beverage Operations (3) +

Total Related Technical Requirements - 23

Total Credits Required - 75