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Guam Community College 2016-2017 Catalog 
Guam Community College 2016-2017 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Education

Recognizing the necessity for students to succeed in the complex and rapidly changing workplace, Guam Community College offers a general education curriculum that introduces students to major areas of knowledge and methods of inquiry. All degree programs require an interdisciplinary general education component that promotes the development of intellectual skills that enable students to become effective learners and informed citizens. Critical thinking, the use of language and computation, appropriate social skills, global awareness and respect for diverse opinions are among the learning outcomes provided in the general education requirements of each program.

Guam Community College believes that general education provides the academic foundation necessary for students to achieve their life goals. General education is intended to offer students a breadth of quality student learning experiences, encourage their respect for cultural heritage, promote their ethical and responsible social behavior and facilitate their life-long learning.

The General Education program strives to foster student learning and skill development in civic engagement, critical thinking, understanding of the relationship between the individual and society, information literacy, oral communication, quantitative reasoning, and written communication.

Guam Community College believes that high quality general education opportunities for all citizens are necessary for democratic principles and practices to exist and for a sound economy to flourish. The College continually scrutinizes the general education curriculum in order to assure that all degrees and certificates granted by the College support this vision of general education and that it serves as a means to inspire hope, opportunity and responsibility in all its constituencies.

Requirements for General Education follow the options described below. Students declared prior to fall 2010 will follow the requirements indicated in the applicable catalog in which they first declared their major program at the College.

Notes on new General Education requirements:

  1. Students are advised to check the requirements for their specific programs before taking General Education courses.
  2. Courses chosen to meet the general education requirements may not be used to meet the technical requirements of a student’s specific degree program.
  3. The list below contains courses with pre-requisites, so students should make their choices carefully and thoughtfully. Students may consult a counselor or an academic advisor for guidance in choosing any of the course options below.

General Education Requirements

1. English Composition:

(3 credits from the following list)

5. Computer Literacy:

(3 credits from the following list)

Total General Education Requirements: 19-20 Credits

Other major programs may have more General Education credit requirements so students must always consult their specific major program’s requirements prior to declaring a major.

*Courses articulate to the University of Guam

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some programs require different levels of course-work to meet General Education requirements.

  1. Automotive Service Technology-General Service Technician students must choose one of the modern language options (e.g. ASL 100  , JA 110  , CH 110  , etc.) for the Humanities and Fine Arts requirement.
  2. All Automotive Service Technology students must take EN 110, MA 110A, SI103 (co-req: SI103L), PY125, and CS151 to fulfill their General Education requirements.
  3. Civil Engineering students must take  ,  ,  , and   MA 161B as their general education requirements.
  4. Computer Networking students must take SI 141  as their science requirement.
  5. Criminal Justice students must also take PS 140  as part of their General Education requirements.
  6. Forensic Lab Tech majors must take SI 130 to fulfill their science requirement. All Criminal Justice and Forensic Lab Tech students must also take   to fulfill their Social & Behavioral Sciences requirement.
  7. Culinary Arts students must take CUL 145   to fulfill their math requirement.
  8. Education majors must take   and   as part of their General Education requirements.  Bachelor Foundation majors must also take   to fulfill their Social & Behavior Sciences requirement.
  9. Liberal Studies (Formerly Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences) students must take  ,   &   or   &  ,   or  ,   as part of their General Education requirements.  For the Humanities and Fine Arts requirement, one of the modern language choices must be taken ( ,   or  ).
  10. Human Services students must take EN 110 , MA 110A , SI 110  & SI 110L , SO 130 , CS 151 , and ASL 100  or CH 111  as part of their General Education requirements.
  11. Marketing majors must take CS 152  to fulfill their computer requirement.
  12. Medical Assisting students must take SI 130A  and SI 130B  to fulfill their science requirement.
  13. Office Technology degree students must take PY 125  for their Scoial & Behavioral Science requirement.
  14. Pre-Architectural Drafting students must take EN 194 , MA 161B , and SI 141  as part of their General Education requirements.
  15. Surveying Technology students must take MA 161A  and SI 141  as part of their General Education requirements.
  16. Visual Communication majors must take   as part of their General Education requirements.